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Inconsistent result on divide with a negative numerator and a constant or variable denominator cc65/cc65

When dividing a negative integer numerator by a constant number, or by a variable containing that same number, the compiler generates different results. This sample code illustrates, and will erro...

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floating point support is missing cc65/cc65

for an overview see

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Improve documentation for what is inlined cc65/cc65

The docs are rather unclear on what is inlined, and I couldn't see any debug option for it either. I have functions like "static void foo()" that are used just once in the file, yet they are not i...

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Comparison of two u8 in arrays calls tosicmp0 cc65/cc65

When comparing two u8 numbers in arrays, a call to tosimcp0 is generated, which is really slow vs a direct comparison. ``` c #include <stdint.h> typedef uint8_t u8; extern u8 arr[8], arr2[8]; voi...

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GLFW_TRANSPARENT_FRAMEBUFFER makes everything transparent glfw/glfw

I was looking for this feature to use in a very specific situation: overlapping a glfw window on top of another window and blend the contents of the gl window with the background. Noticed that GLFW...

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Window not opaque on some wayland compositor glfw/glfw

GLFW windows on swaywm and rootston are always transparent. Current method to make sure window is opaque, set_opaque_region, according to wayland protocol description, is just an optimization hint...

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using "static" to declare forward reference doesnt work cc65/cc65

this basically describes what should happen: in my code i have something like this: ``` C typedef struct _DIRMENU { char *...

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ca65: scope created inside a macro doesn't affect files included inside it cc65/cc65

The contents of the included file aren't placed inside the new scope when this macro is used: ``` .macro IncludeHidden FilePath .scope .include FilePath .endscope .endmacro ```

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GLSL compilation errors on old videocards. Kode/Kha

![Image of Yaktocat]( Got this thing on old videocards. App runs fine, but with black screen and this errors. Got issue on this cards: ``` GeForce 9500M (GLS...

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Find out why Solitaire crashes sikthehedgehog/indigo

Something makes Solitaire crash the whole thing permanently when pressing the Reset button and I can't tell why. And now it's crashing seemingly at random while playing too.

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16th August API update breakage EspeonOfEspeonage/e621bot

See:—-breaking-change The API no longer allows for optional game specification in the presence info for the gateway, thus, any a...

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Improve navigation on legal pages TheRealGD/therealgd

The legal pages are currently a boring wall of text. Improve user-friendliness & navigation by: 1. Breaking up page sections with horizontal rule 2. create section on right-side containing l...

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Testbed Contact points look out of place louis-langholtz/PlayRho

### Expected/Desired Behavior or Experience: Users don't get confused. ### Actual Behavior: Enabling the display of contact information (contact points, normals, impulses) looks odd given wher...

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No external fixed-point implementation supported. louis-langholtz/PlayRho

### Expected/Desired Behavior or Experience: A well-tested fixed-point type from another project is supported for use by this project. Ideally this fixed-point type is implemented in C++, is `cons...

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volumes incorrectly marked as unused portainer/portainer

On the volumes tab volumes created with `rexray/dobs:latest` are marked as unused whilst they are actually used. **Steps to reproduce the issue:** 1. create a container that uses a rexray/dob...

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Trying to run CMake on glfw results in an error louis-langholtz/Box2D

This one, specifically. ``` jesse@jesse-ubuntu ~/c/l/B/glfw> cmake . -- The C compiler identification is GNU 6.2.0 -- The CXX compiler identification is GNU 6.2.0 -- Check for working C comp...

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Firefox cookies settings Lusito/forget-me-not

Hi, I move from selectivecookiedelete, I want to know what I've set on FF cookies settings. I think forget-me-not doesn't take only withe list cookies. thanks

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Attempting to view user comment history results in application 500 error: "undefined method" TheRealGD/therealgd

When attempting to view a user's comment history, the application responds with a 500 error. This condition exists regardless of the user's authentication state. These are the errors received f...

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KeyCallback not being called when both left and right shift are pressed glfw/glfw

With the following code, pressing D or S prints the characters as expected, but nothing is printed when both left and right shift are pressed with either D or S. ```cpp #include <GLFW/glfw3.h> #...

Created - 3 comments - cannot reproduce help wanted X11

Wrong implicit conversion of integers cc65/cc65

While the standard says that an unsigned char should be promoted to int if an int can represent all values of an unsigned char, and similar for promotion from unsigned to long, cc65 promotes unsign...

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LDAP authentication to AD does not work over TLS portainer/portainer

When I turn on StartTLS or TLS the connection to AD fails. Just connection to port 389 without TLS works fine. I have tried several combinations with CA and without the result is the same. I even t...

Created - 3 comments - area/authentication authentication/ldap help wanted kind/bug status/need-confirmation

Visual Studio 2017 Testbed Build Error C2662 louis-langholtz/PlayRho

### Expected/Desired Behavior or Experience: Testbed builds successfully from CMake-generated build and provided VS solution. ### Actual Behavior: Build fails with compiler errors [C2662](http...

Created - 3 comments - bug help wanted windows

Testbed CMake build option and related code needs help. louis-langholtz/Box2D

From a report by @Megaxela : "I tried to build testbed and realized that some CMakeLists in project deprecated a little". While I've updated the CMakeLists for the continuous integration (CI) bu...

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User Story: User flair TheRealGD/therealgd

1. A user can have [0,1] flair shown at any given time. Though he may have multiple flairs assigned to his uid in the DB. 2. Only the following user flairs will exist [Founding Contributor, Forum ...

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Open to contributions or not open to contributions? louis-langholtz/PlayRho

_From @louis-langholtz on April 18, 2017 18:50_ Generally speaking, I want this project to be open to taking pull requests. I'm not certain how to answer this more specifically however. A prob...

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equality comparison is evaluated wrong in some cases cc65/cc65

Here is an example that demonstrates the behaviour: ``` c #include <stdio.h> #include <stdint.h> int main ( void) { uint8_t joy_state = 0x7e; printf("bad: %u\n", 0 ==...

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Missed optimization chance, repeated Y loads cc65/cc65

C ``` c #include <stdint.h> typedef uint8_t u8; #define MAXMINES 6 extern u8 minex[MAXMINES], miney[MAXMINES], minefloat[MAXMINES], minealive[MAXMINES]; void spawnmine(const u8 x, const u8 y, co...

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container console freezes when using other apps or windows in the browser portainer/portainer

**Steps to reproduce the issue:** 1. open container console in portainer in chrome 2. change to another tab or any application 3.return to console gets frozen, not able to type anything have ...

Created - 6 comments - area/container-console deployment/reverse-proxy help wanted kind/bug status/unable-to-reproduce

Rewrite manual as online user guide. louis-langholtz/PlayRho

### Expected/Desired Behavior or Experience: A user guide would be available from that basically provides the information found in [Documentation/manual....

Created - 6 comments - docs enhancement help wanted

Renaming Joints louis-langholtz/PlayRho

After the discussion in issue #25, I've decided to start a new thread for the potential re-naming of many of the box2d joints. As some Joints could be interpreted in similar ways (e.g. RevoluteJoin...

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