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FuzzBall is a gem that finds fuzzy matches of a string (the 'needle') within an array of strings ...
Latest release 0.9.1 - Updated - 9 stars
Multiple Crypto Hashing Algorithms
Latest release 1.0.0 - Published
This is an old, deprecated version of the Ruby PostgreSQL driver that hasn't been maintained or s...
Latest release 0.8.1 - Updated

Fast thumbnail Image generator.
Latest release 0.0.2 - Published - 7 stars
Bindings for yespower-1.0 proof of work used by sugarchain
Latest release 1.0.1 - Updated
C libraries for control L Card crates and modules from LTR data acquisition system
Latest release 1.32.8 - Updated
Bindings for yespower-0.5 proof of work used by bitzeny
Latest release 1.0.1 - Updated
Tidy up web pages.
Latest release 0.1.14 - Updated
sentence=A library for ODROID-GO development kit
Latest release 1.0.0 - Published - 30 stars
Ruby extension that provides a client library for the Sedna XML DBMS, making use of the official ...
Latest release 0.6.0 - Updated - 9 stars
Python3 module for creating ICAP clients
Latest release 1.1.1 - Updated
HIgh performance nodejs validator moudle with C++.
Latest release 0.3.5 - Updated - 8 stars
Connect LED Message Boards to your Raspberry PI using the SPI bus
Latest release 1.0.0 - Published - 9 stars
Go (golang) library for the Google Safe Browsing API
Latest release 2.0.0 - Published
OCaml bindings to hacl-star generated C code (
Latest release 0.0.4 - Updated
Reading and creating CDB Constant Databases
Latest release 0.0.2 - Published - 6 stars
Monit is a small Open Source utility for managing and monitoring Unix systems. Monit conducts aut...
Latest release 5.25.1 - Published
Extension for accessing Ruby/GSL with CArray
Latest release 1.0.0 - Published
Library interface to Atmel CryptoAuthentication chips
Latest release 0.1.0 - Published - 11 stars
Provides native implementations of Vincenty ellipsoidal functions; more to come.
Latest release 0.5.0 - Published - 23 stars
VL53L0X sensor for raspberry PI/JetsonTX2
Latest release 1.0.4 - Published
A Simple library for communicating with USB and Bluetooth HID devices on Mac
Latest release 1.0.0 - Published - 1 stars
Bindings for tribus proof of work used by Denarius
Latest release 1.0.2 - Updated
HIgh performance nodejs validator moudle with C++.
Latest release 0.3.5 - Published - 8 stars
Proj4 built for xcode using carthage
Latest release 4.9.2 - Published
A mirror of libbson placed into an Xcode project
Latest release 1.2.1 - Published - 1 stars
Edward Rosten's FAST keypoint detector algorithm, as a plug-in for OpenCV-FFI.
Latest release 0.0.1 - Published - 1 stars
libsodium as a framework for iOS and macOS
Latest release v1.0.11 - Published
vl53l1x distance sensor driver for Raspberry Pi
Latest release 0.1.5 - Updated
A simple tool for tracking URLs and getting informed when they are changed.
Latest release 1.1 - Updated - 1 stars

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What's the deal with licenses?

Over 30% of all open source packages published aren't licensed correctly, by using a package in your code that doesn't have a license you could be in breach of copyright.

Theoretically the author could assert copyright at any time and demand that you stop using their code.

Code without an explicit license is protected by copyright and is by default All Rights Reserved. The person or people who wrote the code are protected as such. Any time you're using software you didn't write, licensing should be considered and abided.

This is a list of the most popular/important packages that we couldn't find a license for. You can help the community by encouraging the authors to add a LICENSE file to their repositories.

Find out more about open source licensing at

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