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synchronous exec command
Latest release 0.0.6 - Updated - 7 stars
Protocol Buffers are a way of encoding structured data in an efficient yet extensible format. Goo...
Latest release - Updated

See project site for more info.
Latest release 3.0.0-beta2 - Published

See project site for more info.
Latest release 3.0.0-beta2 - Published

Library for patching methods that require IL from assemblies compiled with code generated from Sh...
Latest release 1.0.3 - Updated

Library for generating efficient C# code from C++ and COM headers.
Latest release 1.0.3 - Updated

Sets the voltage of a Quick Charge 3.0 source.
Latest release 1.4.1 - Updated - 33 stars
Python module for Barnes-Hut implementation of t-SNE (Cython)
Latest release 0.1.9 - Updated - 77 stars
LIDAR-Lite v3
Arduino library for LIDAR-Lite v3.
Latest release 1.0.3 - Updated

Allows ESP32 boards to control servo motors using Arduino semantics.
Latest release 0.4.2 - Updated - 9 stars
node.js module to access a rfid reader with rc522 chipset which is connected a raspberry pi
Latest release 14.1.10 - Updated - 26 stars
This package is deprecated - Published

uArm Library for Arduino
Latest release 2.3.7 - Updated - 5 stars
Tiny LoRa Library for TTN
Latest release 1.0.4 - Updated - 7 stars
cryptonote-util-bbscoin =======================
Latest release 1.0.4 - Updated - 2 stars
This is library for storing data array in internal flash memory of MCU LPC1768. The flash data is...
Latest release 0414cef3e9 - Updated - 5 stars
SUN12x22 for DisplayCore
Latest release 2.0.4 - Updated
SmartEverything BLE RN4870
Library code for the Microchip RN4870 a BLE module
Latest release 1.0.0 - Published - 6 stars
cquery client for lsp-mode
Latest release v20180215 - Published - 1.34K stars
Atari for DisplayCore
Latest release 2.0.4 - Updated
Yoga is a cross-platform layout engine which implements Flexbox. Follow
Latest release 1.7.1 - Published
JavaScript Bindings for OpenCV
Latest release v1.0.4 - Published
An Arduino library for the Microchip RN487x
Latest release 1.2.0 - Updated
DejaVuSans for DisplayCore
Latest release 2.0.3 - Updated
Adafruit ADXL345 fork
Fork including the latest patches for the Adafruit ADXL345 Accelerometer library
Latest release 2.1.2 - Updated
Library offering support for uStepper egoShield
Latest release 1.1.0 - Updated - 1 stars
Adafruit IS31FL3731 Library
Arduino library for the Adafruit IS31FL3731 Charlieplex LED driver and CharliePlex FeatherWing.
Latest release 1.0.1 - Updated - 5 stars
Library for the <a href="">WEMOS DHT12 Shield</a>.
Latest release 1.0.0 - Published - 5 stars
Utils Libraries for system
Latest release 1.0.17 - Updated
This is a wrapper for the Quickfix C++ library to be used within node.js applications
Latest release 2.0.16 - Updated

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What's the deal with licenses?

Over 30% of all open source packages published aren't licensed correctly, by using a package in your code that doesn't have a license you could be in breach of copyright.

Theoretically the author could assert copyright at any time and demand that you stop using their code.

Code without an explicit license is protected by copyright and is by default All Rights Reserved. The person or people who wrote the code are protected as such. Any time you're using software you didn't write, licensing should be considered and abided.

This is a list of the most popular/important packages that we couldn't find a license for. You can help the community by encouraging the authors to add a LICENSE file to their repositories.

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