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Latest release 2.0.0 - Updated
Latest release 1.0.4 - Updated
Dependency free Node.js for .NET projects.
Latest release 1.0.2 - Updated
Why Georgia? GA. Hub actions hub actions hub actions.
Latest release 1.10.11 - Updated
A VPN implemention in golang, with crypto and obfuscation in nature.
Latest release v0.3.1-dev - Published
A VPN implemention in golang, with crypto and obfuscation in nature.
Latest release v0.3.1-dev - Published
About the E2E testing script The aggregated logging subsystem consists of multiple components com...
Latest release v3.6.0 - Published
BuildTools.StyleCopPlus integrates StyleCopPlus into the build process. This is just a simple N...
Latest release - Updated
Go application to show a hello world
Latest release v0.0.1 - Published
Quick Vagrant Machine configuration
Latest release 0.5.1 - Updated
This is a gem that encapsulates the blue-green bash script. This allows to run blue-green deploym...
Latest release 0.43.385 - Updated
A shell script to automatically tag the latest commit on a Git branch with a semantic version number
Latest release v1.0.0 - Published - 1 stars
A small library with one newtype
Latest release v0.1.2 - Published - 1 stars
Simple VM based Kubernetes cluster setup
Latest release - Published - 101 stars
1. **\*NEW*** `georgia/sha-version` generates new package version using SHA. *(Updates below in N...
Latest release 1.10.10112-190ecef - Updated
MODX Placeholder Snippets
MODX Placeholders Snippets for the Sublime Text Editor
Latest release 2014. - Published - 9 stars
plist array management (OS X)
Latest release 0.0.7 - Updated
AWS CodeDeploy Golang app
Latest release - Published
A tools.deps example library
Latest release 1.0-SNAPSHOT - Published
Latest release - Published
Because there are so many things I should be doing instead
Latest release - Published
Let's do Bash right!
Latest release - Published
overthebox network with docker and kvm
Latest release - Published
Collection of tests to detect overall correctness of Minio server.
Latest release - Published
Latest release - Published
Latest release - Published
FFMpeg used in golang
Latest release - Published
LXD snap packaging
Latest release - Published - 4 stars
a codis keepalived+lvs example
Latest release - Published

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What's the deal with licenses?

Over 30% of all open source packages published aren't licensed correctly, by using a package in your code that doesn't have a license you could be in breach of copyright.

Theoretically the author could assert copyright at any time and demand that you stop using their code.

Code without an explicit license is protected by copyright and is by default All Rights Reserved. The person or people who wrote the code are protected as such. Any time you're using software you didn't write, licensing should be considered and abided.

This is a list of the most popular/important packages that we couldn't find a license for. You can help the community by encouraging the authors to add a LICENSE file to their repositories.

Find out more about open source licensing at

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