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Promises for Swift & ObjC
Latest release 2.0.0-beta.3 - Published - 97 stars
:musical_score: A simple way to get a music pitch from a frequency.
Latest release 2.0.2 - Published
Practical Abstract Algebra in Swift
Latest release 0.0.2 - Published - 6 stars
The better way to deal with JSON data in Swift
Latest release 3.1.4 - Published
Core extensions, type-aliases, and functions that facilitate common tasks.
Latest release 2.0.0-beta.8 - Published
Integrate open MoMo.VN application for payment. Once completed, the system will record data of su...
Latest release 1.0.2 - Updated
Swift OpenSSL and TLS wrapper
Latest release 0.0.0 - Published
Scanner extensions
Latest release 1.0.8 - Published
Easily load JSON objects and decode them into structs or classes
Latest release 3.3.8 - Published
The better way to deal with JSON data in Swift
Latest release 3.1.4 - Published
sqlite3 Swift module wrapper
Latest release 1.0.2 - Published
Option parsing in Swift
Latest release 1.0.0 - Published
Блок с каруселью
Latest release v1.0.3 - Updated
Native Swift library for BSON (
Latest release 4.1.4 - Published
Text input mask for React Native on iOS and Android.
Latest release 1.0.7 - Updated - 1 stars
Simple Swift wrapper for Keychain that works on iOS and OS X
Latest release v3.0.2 - Published
Simple diff library in pure Swift
Latest release v0.2.2 - Published
📱 A strongly-typed, caching GraphQL client for iOS, written in Swift
Latest release 0.5.6 - Published
ObjectMapper bindings for Moya and RxSwift
Latest release 1.3 - Published
Micro framework for easily parsing JSON in Swift 3 with rich error messages in less than 100 line...
Latest release 0.1.3 - Published
Latest release v0.0.7 - Published
Latest release 3.4.2 - Published
Generates emoji flags for a 2-letter ISO country code
Latest release 1.0.4 - Published - 1 stars
Natural Fonts Lazy Font Compiler
Latest release 0.1.24 - Published
Latest release 18.0.3 - Published
Swift implementation of Canvas Native
Latest release v0.1.8 - Published
Swift Canvas API client
Latest release v0.5.6 - Published
Latest release 2.0.0 - Published - 38 stars
Easier cross platform Mac & iOS development with Swift
Latest release v0.4.0 - Published
Reactive Events Foundation
Latest release 0.3.0-alpha.2 - Published

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What's the deal with licenses?

Over 30% of all open source packages published aren't licensed correctly, by using a package in your code that doesn't have a license you could be in breach of copyright.

Theoretically the author could assert copyright at any time and demand that you stop using their code.

Code without an explicit license is protected by copyright and is by default All Rights Reserved. The person or people who wrote the code are protected as such. Any time you're using software you didn't write, licensing should be considered and abided.

This is a list of the most popular/important packages that we couldn't find a license for. You can help the community by encouraging the authors to add a LICENSE file to their repositories.

Find out more about open source licensing at

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