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FIFO task queue for node and the browser
Latest release 1.2.1 - Updated - 3 stars
A mega nice log
Latest release 1.3.1 - Updated
## Simple library for create unique image by hash
Latest release 2.0.0 - Updated - 2 stars
A mega nice JSON converter
Latest release 4.0.0 - Updated
Latest release 1.1.325-alpha - Updated - 9 stars
The AS-ORM provides a beautiful, simple ActiveRecord implementation for working with your pouchd...
Latest release 1.4.25 - Updated - 5 stars
A Directive to format the view part of Formcontrol without changing the actual value
Latest release 3.0.0 - Updated
Angular ticks viewer component can help to see how many ticks has per second.
Latest release 1.0.1 - Updated
A date and time picker for angular. Also compatibile with Material.
Latest release 1.0.2 - Updated
Following these steps allows you to build and publish your modules to a remote repository.
Latest release 6.0.1 - Updated
Dummy Angular library
Latest release 5.0.0 - Updated
A Promotheus module for nestjs
Latest release 1.1.2 - Updated
An angular material circle counter using progress spinner
Latest release 1.0.0 - Updated
A small library for emitting some events with observables. Just a practice library
Latest release 1.0.11 - Updated
GTA Network TypeScript Definitions
Latest release 0.1.12 - Updated - 6 stars
Markdown to JsonML parser
Latest release 2.0.1 - Updated
Make Podcast feeds with Typescript. 😺
Latest release 0.1.13 - Updated - 24 stars
Updates the package id and/or the version in a cordova mobile repo
Latest release 1.4.4 - Updated
A new and improved lavalink client for discord.js.
Latest release 1.0.4 - Updated
This library was generated with [Angular CLI]( version 8.2...
Latest release 8.0.1 - Updated
a vue directive for arrow key navigation
Latest release 1.2.0 - Updated
rhamt core
Latest release 2.3.3 - Updated
Latest release 1.0.1 - Updated
This library was generated with [Angular CLI]( version 7.2.0.
Latest release 1.0.5 - Updated
Easy GUID type implementation for Typescript
Latest release 1.2.3 - Updated - 1 stars
Augmentation of typescript types, and others
Latest release 0.0.10 - Updated
File viewer for Angular
Latest release 1.2.1 - Updated
Angular Crud services and models for Angular using PHP
Latest release 0.0.30 - Updated
> Idea was taken from [Bean Validation](
Latest release 0.1.0 - Updated - 22 stars
Latest release 1.0.2 - Updated - 1 stars

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What's the deal with licenses?

Over 30% of all open source packages published aren't licensed correctly, by using a package in your code that doesn't have a license you could be in breach of copyright.

Theoretically the author could assert copyright at any time and demand that you stop using their code.

Code without an explicit license is protected by copyright and is by default All Rights Reserved. The person or people who wrote the code are protected as such. Any time you're using software you didn't write, licensing should be considered and abided.

This is a list of the most popular/important packages that we couldn't find a license for. You can help the community by encouraging the authors to add a LICENSE file to their repositories.

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