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Rack::Protection more examples in docs sinatra/sinatra

/cc sinatra/rack-protection#55

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Document sharing sessions sinatra/sinatra

Perhaps this is already covered somewhere, but worth looking into. Especially with regards to Rack::Protection and Sinatra sessions. /cc sinatra/rack-protection#107 and sinatra/rack-protection#83

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support relative templates in the browser mozilla/nunjucks

I just realized that relative templates don't work in the browser because they depend on node's `path.resolve` function. We need something like it in the browser. I added a message saying they don'...

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float_cmp: ignore when comparing with constant? Manishearth/rust-clippy

Consider: ``` const ONE: f32 = 1.0; fn main() { let v = 0.9; let _ = v == ONE; } ``` These are probably cases where you want to check for the exact constant, because it is a common argume...

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Lint std::panic::catch_unwind Manishearth/rust-clippy

<!-- Hi there! Whether you've come to make a suggestion for a new lint, an improvement to an existing lint or to report a bug or a false positive in Clippy, you've come to the right place. If you ...

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Lint: Implicit Deref Manishearth/rust-clippy

Basically, an `#[allow]` by default lint that tells you when you are referencing a value implicitly (e.g. `String::new().chars()` is really `(*String::new()).chars()`. Rationale is that somebody o...

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Lint to warn about str::as_ptr() usage in ffi call Manishearth/rust-clippy

Hello. It would be nice to have a warning when using `str::as_ptr()` in a ffi call instead of using `CStr`. For instance, in the following code: ``` rust unsafe { printf("Hello".as_ptr() as *cons...

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Add topics to GitHub Manishearth/rust-clippy

See Looks like only the owner can do that @Manishearth smile We should have *Rust* and *linter* at least.

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jpm init --l10n mozilla-jetpack/jpm

See details here

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Warn if the `preferencesBranch` is invalid mozilla-jetpack/jpm

More Info: - -

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Add help message to jpm init mozilla-jetpack/jpm

npm init displays this, when running `$ npm init`: This utility will walk you through creating a package.json file. It only covers the most common items, and tries to guess sane defaults. See `np...

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Support -b dev mozilla-jetpack/jpm

now that aurora has been renamed to the dev edition, `-b aurora` should be replaced with `-b dev` over time, but both should work for now.

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Link wrtc package to specific version of libwebrtc js-platform/node-webrtc

Node-webrtc should not pull a new version of libwebrtc without a version change.

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Add --locale <locale> to set the default locale mozilla-jetpack/jpm

which uses Fx's --UILocale and sets some prefs probably.

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PeerConnection.getStats should pass error to onFailure js-platform/node-webrtc

Need to address (Edit: pointing to specific commit instead of HEADREV.)

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Feature Request: On using a public token on a private repo and getting a 404, fail informatively skywinder/github-changelog-generator

When having mis-configured github-changelog-generator, with a token with the wrong permissions (it needs `repos` to work), the error output is: ``` /Users/totoro/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.3.0/gems/github_a...

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Use Formatter utilities to format debug display frewsxcv/rust-threadpool When I first wrote this, I wasn't aware of the utilities like [`Formatter::debug_struct`]...

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Move ssl-related params from TCPConnector to request args KeepSafe/aiohttp

## Long story short Now ssl configuration is tightly coupled with `TCPConnector`. It is not convenient (user should create a connector and pass it into session) and disallows to use the same `Cli...

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Add configuration to disable rpc hashicorp/serf

currently serf enables RPC interface by default. though it can be secured using an rpc token, it will be better just to disable it from installations where the serf agents are not expected to creat...

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Write tests for glium_macros tomaka/glium

Now that `glium_macros` isn't used in tests anymore, it needs to have its own tests to see if it works.

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Switch to `Into`, `From`, etc. traits tomaka/glium

This library has several traits named `IntoFoo`. They should be replaced by `Into<Foo>`.

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Add some per-node failure telemetry hashicorp/consul

We could add some simple counters to telemetry with the node in the name which would help people identify problem nodes in their clusters.

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Don't use `[0; T]` to construct not-yet-initialized values briansmith/ring

It turns out that some test vectors are using all-zero values as inputs, which then get used as expected outputs when we verify,for example, that decrypting a ciphertext results in the original pla...

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Use the `TRACE` log level where appropriate... hashicorp/consul

Reduce various `INFO` levels to `TRACE` (e.g. DNS responses from info to tracing).

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RawImage* types don't implement Clone tomaka/glium

As far as I can tell, there is no reason for the `RawImage*` types to not implement `Clone`. Since the texture creation methods take the source data by-value, being able to clone `RawImage2d` in or...

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Add default error screen clappr/clappr

When a playback error occurs, like the one reported in #1105

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Detect errors on calls to *MakeCurrent tomaka/glutin

For the moment, calls to `wglMakeCurrent`, `glXMakeCurrent`, etc. can silently fail. The return type of `make_current` should be a `Result<(), MakeCurrentError>`.

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Show ID + name tooltip for elements on Canvas bpmn-io/bpmn-js

Display symbol name and ID as tooltip on element hover. We could use the SVG `<title>` tag to attach that information to the underlying SVG.

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I can model a pool with MI marker bpmn-io/bpmn-js

In BPMN it is possible to mark a pool as multi instance (at least the marker looks like the parallel multi instance marker) Should work for both, collapsed and expanded pools

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