Madcow 2.0 - Advanced Test Automation! Madcow is the premier test automation tool designed to make your life easier. Developers love it. Testers can actually use it!


License: Apache-2.0

Language: Groovy

Keywords: groovy, madcow, test-automation, test-framework, testing-tools

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Check out the awesome documentation at http://madcow.4impact.net.au now and get testing!

Migration Guide from v1.x

Configuration changes

TODO - Lots!

Filename changes

All files are now of type grass. Be sure to rename any *.madcow.mappings.properties to *.grass.

Operation Changes

  • import is now importTemplate
  • checkSelectValue is now verifySelectFieldOptions
  • waitUntilExists is now waitFor
  • setRadioButton has been removed - setting radio buttons can be accomplished using click

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Madcow open source test automation tool
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