Additional non-input-based layout objects for the Crispy Forms package.

License: Apache-2.0

Language: Python

Django Crispy Un-Forms

django-crispy-unforms is a package of additional layout objects that aren't form based. There are times when you need to display additional fields as read-only elements in a variety of ways. You could simply make a field disabled, but this is hugely a bad UX practice. Instead,


  1. Install the package with: pip3 install django-crispy-unforms
  2. Import the module into your project: import crispy_unforms
  3. Use your newly found layout objects within your Crispy form layouts.


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Many thanks to the authors of `Django Crispy <http://django-crispy-forms.readthedocs.io`_, Miguel Araujo and Daniel Greenfeld -- as well as the many contributors to their project. Without them, we'd all be much more miserable building UIs for our Django-based projects.

Copyright &copy;2017, Django Crispy,

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