Language: Python


batch compile/judge for windows


  • Visual Stduio 2015


compile.bat [soucre directory] [distant directory] [log output directory]
  • soucre directory: input soruce files (*.c or *.cpp)
  • distant directory: execuable files output directory (*.exe)
  • log output directory: (optional) compiling log files output directory (*.txt)

feed test data

feed.bat [test data] [execuables] [output]
  • test data: test data file
  • execuables: directory of execuable files to be tested
  • output: directory of output results

check output

output_judge.py [path to be checked] [answer path] [output file name]
  • path to be checked: directory of output results
  • answer path: directory of the benchmark file
  • output file name: output file name

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