License: MIT

Language: PHP


Class to work with HTTP requests.


composer require alexkratky/RequestX


The class have following functions:

  • getUrl(): URL - Returns URL object.
  • getQuery(string $key = null) - Returns variable provided to the script via URL query ($_GET). If no key is passed, returns the entire array. If key does not exists, returns null.
  • getPost(string $key = null) - Returns variable provided to the script via POST method ($_POST). If no key is passed, returns the entire array.
  • getHeader(string $header): ?string - Return the value of the HTTP header. Pass the header name as the plain, HTTP-specified header name (e.g. 'Accept-Encoding').
  • getHeaders(): array - Returns all HTTP headers.
  • getReferer(): ?string - Returns referrer.
  • isSecured(): bool - Is the request over HTTPS?
  • isAjax(): bool - Is AJAX request?
  • getRemoteAddress(): ?string - Returns the IP address of the remote client.
  • detectLanguage(array $langs): ?string - Parse Accept-Language header and returns preferred language.
  • getMostPreferredLanguage(): ?string - Return most preferred language.
  • getClientID() - Return clients Unique ID.
  • workWith(string $method, array $vars): bool - Checks if are all of $vars isset(). The $method is GET ($_GET) or POST ($_POST)

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Class to work with HTTP requests and HTTP methods.
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