An attempt to make good-looking homebrew documents for various roleplaying systems using XeTeX for typesetting.

License: WTFPL

Language: TeX

Keywords: dungeons-and-dragons, homebrew, latex, rpg, tex, xetex


An attempt to make good-looking homebrew documents for various roleplaying systems (currently only D&D 5e), using XƎTEX for typesetting.

Unless otherwise specified, all documents are released under the WTFPLv2. See the COPYING file for more details.

Some of the assets are released under different licenses. See the CREDITS.tex files for more details.


Why create something like this? Well, TEX was made to typeset documents with perfection. As such, it takes care of difficult things such as:

  • Correct page layout (left/right pages have different margins, chapters always open on a right page, etc.);
  • Handling page breaks properly (even with multi-column text);
  • Handling floating things (narrow or wide) and placing them appropriately;
  • Keeping track of things (table of contents, references, appendices, etc.);
  • Good pagination, marks, etc;
  • And many other things we don't even think about (like autoadjusting spaces to avoid widows and orphans).

Why use XƎTEX ? For one, it is modern (unicode support out of the box) and makes it easy to use custom OpenType fonts (with fontspec).



To compile the demo document:

cd dnd-5e
make skel.pdf
# Or: make draft-skel.pdf for a draft version (faster, no graphics)

To start your own document:

cd dnd-5e
cp skel.tex mybook.tex
$EDITOR mybook.tex
make mybook.pdf
# Or: make draft-mybook.pdf


  • art overlays (under tables, etc.)
  • fix XXXs
  • fix bugs

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