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HaXe Unity3d target


Unity 4.x ready


haxelib install unity3d

Compile project example

haxe -main Main -cp src -cs bin -D no-compilation -lib unity3d {+required classes}

And then, use the .cs files in the unity3d editor

Tips and Tricks

You can use FlashDevelop-HaXe-Projects-Templates

You can use .NET Library for additional function

You can use Pony for building event-oriented system and use some magic


package ;
import unityEngine.MonoBehaviour;
import unityEngine.Time;
import unityEngine.Vector3;
import unityEngine.GameObject;
using UnityHelper;
class MyClass extends MonoBehaviour {
    private var target:GameObject;
    private var speed:Single;
    private function Start():Void {
        speed = 5;
        if (target == null) target = GameObject.Find('/Target');
    private function Update():Void {
        if (speed == 0) return;
        getTransform().position = Vector3.MoveTowards(getTransform().position, target.transform.position, Time.deltaTime * speed);


Unity Runtime Classes

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