The JS implementation of Symfony's Router.

License: BSD-3-Clause

Language: JavaScript

Symfony JavaScript Router

This is a modern implementation of the JS router for generation Symfony routes. Best to be used with the JavaScript routing bundle.


For example like this (using mojave):

import {initFromGlobalData} from "mojave/init"; 
import {Router} from "@becklyn/router";

let router = initFromGlobalData("RouterInit", new Router());

A manual way to wire it up to global data is like this:

function loadGlobalData (key, handler)
    if (undefined === window[key])

    // replace global callback
    window[key].init = (data) => handler.init(data);
    // handle current data

let router = new Router();
loadGlobalData("RouterInit", router);

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The JS implementation of Symfony's Router.
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