iD3: an Integrated Development Environment for D3.js


License: MIT

Language: CSS

Keywords: d3, data-visualization, electron, integrated-development-environment, javascript, monaco-editor, python, react, redux


ID3 is an offline open source IDE for D3.js
It allows users to import D3 code and manipulate data visualizations directly in our text editor or by using our attribute panel. Users have the option to update data with our data managemnt system. It also provides the option to export the final code

To Use

Fork or download
npm install
npm run webpack
npm start
If you are not a OS X user, please download the latest version of python

Import D3 code

Click on Upload D3 on the top nav-bar on the left side.
Select a html file. Your data visualization will populate automatically


Click on Templates on the top nav-bar on the left side
Select a template from the dropdown. The data viz and code will be displayed

Attribute Panel

User the Attribute Panel on the right nav-bar to udpate dimensions and attributes
You may also change the code directly

Reference the data managment section if you have .csv .tsv or .json files to import data
To Export the final code, click on Export on the top nav-bar on the left

Keyboard shortcuts: control + s = render code

Note: you might need to refresh the Attribute Panel by clicking Generate Attr when you switching
from uploading a file and using templates

Data Management


Find us on www.d3-id3.com
If you are new to D3 visit their website
Special thanks to Mike Bostock for creating D3.js



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