High Order Ambisonics library

License: GPL-3.0

Language: C++

Keywords: ambisonics, cpp, header-only, high-order-ambisonics, hoa-library, spatialization

Hoa Library

A high order ambisonics library.

Sound space is one of the principal dimensions of the contemporary musical thought, specialy in the electroacoustic music domain but also in intermedia arts. In this context, the CICM has made spatialization its principal research axis. This project's aim is to give to musician spatialization models based on high order ambisonics and sound fields synthesis. This project is developed in a part of the Paris 8 University LABEX arts H2H. You can visit the official website : HoaLibrary.


Authors :

Julien Colafrancesco, Pierre Guillot, Eliott Paris, Thomas Le Meur

Implementations :


Documentation :


License :

The Hoa Library in under the GNU. If you'd like to avoid the restrictions of the GPL and use Hoa Library for a closed-source product, you contact the CICM.

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