A basic .NET Library for parsing wikitext into AST.

License: Apache-2.0

Language: C#

Keywords: ast, mediawiki, parsing, wikitext


A .NET Library for parsing wikitext into AST. The repository is still under development, but it can already handle most part of wikitext.


This package is now on NuGet. You may install the package using the following command in the Package Management Console

Install-Package CXuesong.MW.MwParserFromScratch -Pre

After adding reference to this library, import the namespaces

using MwParserFromScratch;
using MwParserFromScratch.Nodes;

Then just pass the text to the parser

var parser = new WikitextParser();
var text = "Paragraph.\n* Item1\n* Item2\n";
var ast = parser.Parse(text);

Now ast contains the Wikitext instance, the root of AST.

You can also take a look at ConsoleTestApplication1, where there're some demos. SimpleDemo illustrates how to search and replace in the AST.

static void SimpleDemo()
    // Fills the missing template parameters.
    var parser = new WikitextParser();
    var templateNames = new [] {"Expand section", "Cleanup"};
    var text = @"==Hello==<!--comment-->
{{Expand section|
This is a nice '''paragraph'''.
    var ast = parser.Parse(text);
    // Convert the code snippets to nodes
    var dateName = parser.Parse("date");
    var dateValue = parser.Parse(DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd"));
    // Search and set
    foreach (var t in ast.EnumDescendants().OfType<Template>()
        .Where(t => templateNames.Contains(MwParserUtility.NormalizeTemplateArgumentName(t.Name))))
        // Get the argument by name.
        var date = t.Arguments["date"];
        if (date != null)
            // To print the wikitext instead of user-friendly text, use ToString()
            Console.WriteLine("{0} ({1})", t.Name.ToPlainText(), date.Value.ToPlainText());
        // Update/Add the argument
        t.Arguments.SetValue(dateName, dateValue);

The console output is as follows

Expand section (2010-10-05)

{{Expand section|
This is a nice '''paragraph'''.

ParseAndPrint can roughly print out the parsed tree. Here's a runtime example

Please input the wikitext to parse, use EOF (Ctrl+Z) to accept:
* ''Item1''
* [[Item2]]
<span style="background:red;">test</span>
Parsed AST
Wikitext             [==Hello==\r\n* ''Item1]
.Paragraph           [==Hello==\r]
..PlainText          [==Hello==\r]
.ListItem            [* ''Item1''\r]
..PlainText          [ ]
..FormatSwitch       ['']
..PlainText          [Item1]
..FormatSwitch       ['']
..PlainText          [\r]
.ListItem            [* [[Item2]]\r]
..PlainText          [ ]
..WikiLink           [[[Item2]]]
...Run               [Item2]
....PlainText        [Item2]
..PlainText          [\r]
.ListItem            [---------\r]
..PlainText          [\r]
.Paragraph           [<span style="backgro]
..HtmlTag            [<span style="backgro]
...TagAttribute      [ style="background:r]
....Run              [style]
.....PlainText       [style]
....Wikitext         [background:red;]
.....Paragraph       [background:red;]
......PlainText      [background:red;]
...Wikitext          [test]
....Paragraph        [test]
.....PlainText       [test]
..PlainText          [\r\n]

That's fine, but where to get wikitext?

You can use MediaWiki API to acquire the wikitext. For .NET programmers, I've made a client, WikiClientLibrary, that lies beside this repository. There're also MediaWiki API clients in API:Client code.

There's also a simple demo for fetching and parsing without the dependency of WikiClientLibrary in ConsoleTestApplication1, like this

/// <summary>
/// Fetches a page from en Wikipedia, and parses it.
/// </summary>
private static Wikitext FetchAndParse(string title)
    if (title == null) throw new ArgumentNullException(nameof(title));
    const string EndPointUrl = "";
    var client = new HttpClient();
    var requestContent = new Dictionary<string, string>
        {"format", "json"},
        {"action", "query"},
        {"prop", "revisions"},
        {"rvlimit", "1"},
        {"rvprop", "content"},
        {"titles", title}
    var response = client.PostAsync(EndPointUrl, new FormUrlEncodedContent(requestContent)).Result;
    var root = JObject.Parse(response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync().Result);
    var content = (string) root["query"]["pages"].Children<JProperty>().First().Value["revisions"][0]["*"];
    var parser = new WikitextParser();
    return parser.Parse(content);

You may need Newtonsoft.Json NuGet package to parse JSON.


  • For now it does not support table syntax, but I'll work on this.
  • Text inside parser tags (rather than normal HTML tags) will not be parsed an will be preserved in ParserTag.Content. For certain parser tags (e.g. <ref>), You can parse the Content again to get the AST.
  • It may handle some pathological cases differently from MediaWiki parser. E.g. {{{{{arg}} (See Issue #1).

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