CARTO Mobile SDK core project

License: BSD-3-Clause

Language: C

Keywords: android, carto, carto-mobile-sdk, dotnet, geocoding, ios, java, location, maps, objective-c, offline, routing, sdk, windows-phone, xamarin

Carto Mobile SDK

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Get the prepackaged dependencies from github CartoDB/mobile-external-libs repository ( Add links to external-libs/prebuilt at the project root directory level.

In addition, boost library should be downloaded and configured as described in mobile-external-libs documentation.

Special swig version (swig-2.0.11-nutiteq branch) is needed for generating language-specific wrappers, this can be downloaded from

Python 2.7.x is used for build scripts

Android build requires Android SDK and Android NDK r11 or later.

iOS build requires XCode 7.3 or later.

Windows Phone build requires Visual Studio 2015 AND Visual Studio 2015 SDK.

Building process

Be patient - full build will take 1+ hours. You can speed it up by limiting architectures and platforms where it is built.

git clone
cd mobile-external-libs/libs-external
ln -s ../../sdk_3d/all/libs/boost # change to folder where you have boost libs!
git clone
cd mobile-sdk
ln -s ../mobile-external-libs/libs-external/
cd mobile-sdk/scripts

Android build

python --profile standard
python --profile standard --javac /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/1.6.0.jdk/Contents/Commands/javac

iOS build:

python --profile standard
python --profile standard

Xamarin Android build:

python --profile standard android
python --profile standard android

Xamarin iOS build:

python --profile standard ios
python --profile standard ios

Windows Phone build

python --profile standard winphone
python --profile standard


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