HTML UI for interacting with a MediaHub

License: MIT

Language: JavaScript

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This is the currently the only front end for creating scenes and playing scenes. For this to work you'll also need a running copy of a MediaHub, and an AssetStore.


Setup your MediaHub and AssetStore first if you haven't done so already.

Copy the file to Set the ASSET_STORE and MEDIA_HUB exports to the url's of where those are running (if you're developing locally then just leave the defaults, as those services should default to those ports when running).

Install the needed npm packages:

npm install

Start the local development server: gulp

The shell script merely provides the appropriate environment variables for whatever is specified after it.

The default gulp task handles a number of things for us:

  • bundling the javascript
  • copying the js/html/css to a dist/ directory
  • starting up a local webserver to serve it with
  • watching filesystem for changes, then bundling and copying again

Now you may access the editor at http://localhost:3000 and the viewer at http://localhost:3000/viewer.html


This whole repo is currently setup to be deployed as an Azure Website. The file is used by KuduSync.

However, you can easily deploy it elsewhere. Just run the build-dist gulp command: gulp build-dist

The copy the contents of dist/ to whereever you'd like to host the files.

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