Converts Markdown-linked documents to link to their respective HTML outputs.

License: Apache-2.0

Language: Ruby

Jekyll Markdown Link Converter

Converts Markdown-linked documents to link to their respective HTML outputs.


  1. Clone this repository into your Jekyll source directory's _plugins folder.
  2. Somewhere in your _config.yml file, add the line markdown: JekyllMarkdownLinkConverter.


Let's say you author several markdown documents, each which conveniently link to each other.

  • ./Document A.md

    permalink: document-a.html
    See [Document B](Document B.md) for more details.
  • ./Document B.md

    permalink: document-b.html
    See [Document A](Document A.md) for more details.

Problematically, Jekyll/Kramdown won't convert these to in the produced HTML that you might specify in the permalink.

  • ./document-a.html

    See <a href="Document B.md">Document B</a> for more details.
  • ./document-b.html

    See <a href="Document A.md">Document A</a> for more details.

This Jekyll plugin is a basic workaround for this issue. In the above example, it will instead output the following HTML documents.

  • ./document-a.html

    See <a href="document-b.html">Document B</a> for more details.
  • ./document-b.html

    See <a href="document-b.html">Document A</a> for more details.


Each markdown document needs to be permalinked to its current filename, after its name has been

  1. Lowercased.
  2. Had consecutive whitespace replaced with dashes.

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