Material UI component wrappers for reagent

License: GPL-3.0

Language: Clojure

Keywords: cljs, material-ui, reagent

Reagent Material UI

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A reagent wrapper for Material UI components.

Thanks to the maintainers of reagent-material, which I basically copied and turned into a package. Thanks also to om-material-ui for providing the build process for the material ui javascript.


Just add [reagent-material-ui "0.2.5"] to your project.clj, then require the components like so:

(ns your-project.example
    (:require [reagent-material-ui.core :refer [AppBar Card]]))

You can then use the Material UI components as you would normal reagent components. See the Material UI docs for more info about the different components.

A simple example

The following assumes you've included the font icon css in your project based on the instructions here.

(ns my.project
  (:require [reagent-material-ui.core :as ui]))

;; some helpers
(def el reagent/as-element)
(defn icon [nme] [ui/FontIcon {:className "material-icons"} nme])
(defn color [nme] (aget ui/colors nme))

;; create a new theme based on the dark theme from Material UI
(defonce theme-defaults {:muiTheme (ui/getMuiTheme
                                    (-> ui/darkBaseTheme
                                        (js->clj :keywordize-keys true)
                                        (update :palette merge {:primary1Color (color "amber500")
                                                                :primary2Color (color "amber700")})

(defn simple-nav []
  (let [is-open? (atom false)
        close #(reset! is-open? false)]
    (fn []
       [ui/AppBar {:title "yipgo" :onLeftIconButtonTouchTap #(reset! is-open? true)}]
       [ui/Drawer {:open @is-open? :docked false}
         [ui/ListItem {:leftIcon (el [:i.material-icons "home"])
                       :on-click (fn []
                                   (accountant/navigate! "/")
         (for [[doc details] @(rf/subscribe [:docs.list.by-name])]
           ^{:key doc} [ui/ListItem {:secondaryText "Something something"
                                     :rightIconButton (el [ui/IconMenu {:iconButtonElement (el [ui/IconButton {:touch true} [icon "more_vert"]])}
                                                           [ui/MenuItem "Delete"]])
                                     :onTouchTap (fn []
                                                   ;; some action or another, then close the menu
        [new-doc-modal close]]])))

(defn home-page []
  [ui/MuiThemeProvider theme-defaults
     [:h2 "Welcome to a simple, example application."]]]])

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