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The awesomest branching chat app ever made

We decrease the number of notifications in a group chat by allowing users to respond and receive messages for only the messages and topics they are interested in. Users will create a new chat window by clicking on a message, at which point a new chat window will appear to continue the conversation. Users who are not interested in the conversation will not receive any notifications for that specfic chat branch.

Additional features we would like to implement include:

  • Chat functionality with sockets
  • Visualization to show users which chat branch they are currently in
  • If a message is starting to gain lots of attention, spawn a new banner to notify all users that a topic is catching on fire. Maybe measure it with messages per minute.
  • Testing, front end/ back end

Technology Stack

  • React
  • PostgreSQL


Check out how we structured our database to see how we wanted the app to function. Feel free to structure the front end how you want.

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