Eluna Lua Engine © for WoW Emulators


License: GPL-3.0

Language: C++

Keywords: cmangos, cpp, eluna, eluna-lua-engine, lua, mangos, trinitycore



Eluna Lua Engine © is a lua engine embedded to World of Warcraft emulators. Eluna supports MaNGOS, CMaNGOS and TrinityCore. We are currently working hard to make Eluna better from inside and outside.

If you are having trouble with installation or scripts, please feel free to open an issue. For documentation and reference see Eluna API and Lua reference manual.

Special thanks to MaNGOS for their continued support and use of Eluna. Please head over to their forums and show them some love!



Eluna source code: Source
Core forks with required modifications for Eluna:

Build Status Official MaNGOS Zero with Eluna
Build Status Official MaNGOS One with Eluna
Build Status Official MaNGOS Two with Eluna

Build Status Eluna TrinityCore WotLK

Build Status Eluna cMaNGOS Classic
Build Status Eluna cMaNGOS TBC
Build Status Eluna cMaNGOS WotLK



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Interesting Forks See all

Nostalrius Begins LUA Engine. Fork of Eluna (http://emudevs.com/).
This repository is no longer available - 22 stars - 32 forks
Eluna Lua Engine © for WoW Emulators
C++ - GPL-3.0 - Last pushed - 2 stars - 1 forks
Eluna Lua Engine © for WoW Emulators
C++ - GPL-3.0 - Last pushed - 1 stars
Eluna Lua Engine © for WoW Emulators
C++ - Updated - 1 stars
Eluna Lua engine implemented into TrinityCore.
C++ - GPL-2.0 - Updated - 1 stars

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