creditmodel, 模型,评分卡,scorecard, vintage, automatic modeling

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Keywords: credit-scoring, creditcard, r, risk-modelling


creditmodel, 模型,评分卡,scorecard, vintage, automatic modeling

Toolkit for Credit Modeling Analysis and Visualization

Dong Fan



The creditmodel package provides a highly efficient R tool suite for Credit Modeling Analysis and Visualization. Contains infrastructure functionalities such as data exploration and preparation, missing values treatment, outliers treatment, variable derivation, variable selection, dimensionality reduction, grid search for hyper parameters, data mining and visualization, model evaluation, strategy analysis etc. creditmodel is designed to make the development of binary classification models (machine learning based models as well as credit scorecard) simpler and faster.

creditmodel can facilitate reliable predictive models (such as scorecard) and data analysis on a standard laptop computer within minutes.


You can install the stable release of creditmodel from CRAN with:


You can also install the development version of creditmodel from Github with:



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