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License: AGPL-3.0

Language: PHP


Notice: We highly recommend that everyone update to (or higher) at this time.

Feathur is a VPS control panel which is designed to be used to administrate OpenVZ and KVM VPS. Feathur supports multiple nodes using a master and slave type functionality.

Feathur is released under AGPL v3.0. By viewing, editing, using or downloading Feathur (in whole or in part) you agree to abide by the terms set forth in the license provided.

Maintaining and developing Feathur costs time and money. If you can please consider donating to support Feathur's development.

If you intend on selling VPS from Feathur it is highly recommended that you purchase a license. Feathur licenses remove the "unlicensed" notification from the panel, provide you with additional support and help to pay for Feathur's development and code auditing.

You can check so see if your provider has a license at: http://check.feathur.com/

For setup directions and other information about Feathur. Check out our wiki at: https://github.com/BlueVM/Feathur/wiki/

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