Video editing add-on for Blender

License: GPL-3.0

Language: Python

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Blender Power Sequencer
The Free add-on for content creators

Power Sequencer logo, with the add-on's name and strips cut in two

Power Sequencer brings smart new editing features to edit faster with Blender's Video Sequence Editor. It is completely Free and Open Source.


All contributors are welcome! We need people to:

  • Code new features
  • Improve existing features
  • Help solidify the code
  • Write mini-tutorials

You can come and chat with us on GDquest's Discord server!

See our Contributor's Guidelines to get started contributing. We also have a Code of Conduct based on the GNU Kind Communication Guidelines.

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  1. Download the repository. Go to Releases for a stable version, or click the green button above to get the most recent (and potentially unstable) version.
  2. Open Blender
  3. Go to File > User Preferences > Addons
  4. Click "Install From File" and navigate to the downloaded .zip file and install
  5. Check the box next to "VSE: Power Sequencer"
  6. Save User Settings so the addon remains active every time you open Blender

Learn Power Sequencer

Watch our growing list of Free video tutorials on Youtube!

You can also find all the features and shortcuts on the Power Sequencer Docs

Other add-ons

Here are other recommended add-ons for a better editing workflow:

Daniel Oakey's rewrite of VSE Transform Tools. This tool lets you animate and move strips from the video preview. The original add-on was abandoned a few years ago. Daniel fixed and rewrote it so now it's super slick!



Add Crossfade Copy Selected Sequences Import Local Footage Ripple Delete
Add Speed Cycle Scenes Increase Playback Speed Save Direct
Add Transform Decrease Playback Speed Mouse Cut Smart Snap
Border Select Delete Direct Mouse Toggle Mute Snap Selection to Cursor
Change Playback Speed Edit Crossfade Mouse Trim Toggle Selected Mute
Channel Offset Fade Strips Preview Last Cut Toggle Waveforms
Clear Fades Grab Closest Handle or Cut Preview to selection Trim to Surrounding Cuts
Concatenate Strips Grab Sequence Handle Render for Web Refresh All

Add Crossfade

Based on the active strip, finds the closest next sequence of a similar type, moves it so it overlaps the active strip, and adds a gamma cross effect between them. Works with MOVIE, IMAGE and META strips

Shortcut Function Demo

Add Crossfade

Add Speed

Add 2x speed to strip and set it's frame end accordingly. Wraps both the strip and the speed modifier into a META strip.

Shortcut Function Demo

Add Speed

Add Transform

For each strip in the selection:

  • Filters the selection down to image and movie strips
  • Centers the pivot point of image strips
  • Adds a transform effect and sets it to ALPHA_OVER
Shortcut Function

Add Transform

Border Select

Deselects the strips' handles before applying border select, so you don't have to deselect manually first

Shortcut Function

Border Select

Change Playback Speed

Change the playback_speed property using an operator property. Used with keymaps

Shortcut Function

Speed to 1x


Speed to 1.33x


Speed to 1.66x


Speed to 2x

Channel Offset

Move selected strip to the nearest open channel above/down

Shortcut Function

Move to open channel above


Move to open channel above

Clear Fades

Set strip opacity to 1.0 and remove all opacity-keyframes

Shortcut Function

Clear fades

Concatenate Strips

Concatenates selected strips in a channel (removes the gap between them) If a single strip is selected, either the next strip in the channel will be concatenated, or all strips in the channel will be concatenated depending on which shortcut is used.

Shortcut Function Demo

Concatenate selected strips in channel, or concatenate & select next strip in channel if only 1 strip selected


Concatenate selected strips in channel, or concatenate all strips in channel if only 1 strip selected

Copy Selected Sequences

Copies the selected sequences without frame offset and optionally deletes the selection to give a cut to clipboard effect. This operator overrides the default Blender copy method which includes cursor offset when pasting, which is atypical of copy/paste methods.

Shortcut Function Demo

Copy selected strips


Cut selected strips

Cycle Scenes

Cycle through scenes.

Shortcut Function Demo

Cycle scenes

Decrease Playback Speed

Playback speed may be set to any of the following speeds:

  • Normal (1x)
  • Fast (1.33x)
  • Faster (1.66x)
  • Double (2x)
  • Triple (3x)

Activating this operator will decrease playback speed through each of these steps until minimum speed is reached.

Shortcut Function

Decrease Playback Speed

Delete Direct

Delete without confirmation. Replaces default Blender setting

Shortcut Function

Delete direct


Delete direct

Edit Crossfade

Selects the handles of both inputs of a crossfade strip's input and calls the grab operator. Allows you to quickly change the location of a fade transition between two strips.

Shortcut Function

Edit Crossfade

Fade Strips

Animate a strips opacity to zero. By default, the duration of the fade is 0.5 seconds.

Shortcut Function Demo

Fade Right


Fade Left


Fade Both

Grab Closest Handle or Cut

Selects and grabs the strip handle or cut closest to the mouse cursor. Hover near a cut and fire this tool to slide it.

Shortcut Function

Grab closest handle or cut

Grab Sequence Handle

Extends the sequence based on the mouse position. If the cursor is to the right of the sequence's middle, it moves the right handle. If it's on the left side, it moves the left handle.

Shortcut Function

Grab sequence handles

Import Local Footage

Finds the first empty channel above all others in the VSE and returns it

Shortcut Function

Import Local Footage

Increase Playback Speed

Playback speed may be set to any of the following speeds:

  • Normal (1x)
  • Fast (1.33x)
  • Faster (1.66x)
  • Double (2x)
  • Triple (3x)

Activating this operator will increase playback speed through each of these steps until maximum speed is reached.

Shortcut Function

Increase playback speed

Mouse Cut

Quickly cut and remove a section of strips while keeping or collapsing the remaining gap.

Shortcut Function Demo

Cut on mousemove, keep gap


Cut on mousemove, remove gap

Mouse Toggle Mute

Toggle mute a sequence as you click on it

Shortcut Function

Mouse toggle mute

Mouse Trim

Trims a frame range or a selection from a start to an end frame. If there's no precise time range, auto trims based on the closest cut

Shortcut Function

Trim strip, keep gap


Trim strip, remove gap

Preview Last Cut

Finds the closest cut to the time cursor and sets the preview to a small range around that frame. If the preview matches the range, resets to the full timeline

Shortcut Function

Preview last cut

Preview to selection

Sets the scene frame start to the earliest frame start of selected sequences and the scene frame end to the last frame of selected sequences.

Shortcut Function Demo

Preview to selection

Render for Web

Render video with good settings for web upload

Shortcut Function

Render for web

Ripple Delete

Delete selected strips and collapse remaining gaps.

Shortcut Function

Ripple delete

Save Direct

Save without confirmation, overrides Blender default

Shortcut Function

Save direct

Smart Snap

Trims, extends and snaps selected strips to cursor

Shortcut Function

Smart snap

Snap Selection to Cursor

Snap selected strips to cursor

Shortcut Function

Snap selection to cursor

Toggle Selected Mute

Mute or unmute selected strip

Shortcut Function

Mute or unmute selected strip

Toggle Waveforms

Toggle auio waveforms for selected audio strips

Shortcut Function Demo

Toggle waveforms

Trim to Surrounding Cuts

Shortcut Function

Trim to surrounding cuts

Refresh All

Shortcut Function

Refresh All

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