Build RPMs for Brotli compression command line utility and development library

License: MIT

Language: Makefile

Keywords: brotli, brotli-devel, centos, centos-7, centos7, cli, compression, copr, libbrotli, libbrotli-devel, redhat, rpm


A Dockerfile to build brotli rpm for CentOS 6 and 7 using fedora copr.


  1. Copy .envrc.example to .envrc.
  2. Go and login in and see the values to set.
  3. Then modify .envrc

Usage: How to build rpms

Build docker image

To build the docker image to build the srpm or rpm files, run the following command.

./ build

Build rpms using mock on a docker container

To try building rpm files with mock, run the following command.

source .envrc
./ bash

Then in the docker container, run the fowllowing command to build rpms with mock.

./ mock

If the build finish successfully, run the following command to upload the srpm file to copr.

./ copr

Build srpm and upload it to copr

If you are sure your rpms will be built successfully, skip the above section "Build rpms interactively" and run the following command to run the docker image to build the srpm file and upload it to copr.

source .envrc
./ run

NOTE: Using direnv

I recommend you to use direnv/direnv instead of running source .envrc yourself.

Modify this scripts to build other rpms

  1. Edit imagename in
  2. See NOTE comments in script/ and edit variables and commands
  3. Put the spec file in the SPECS directory
  4. Put the source files in the SOURCES directory


  1. Include into spec file as -devel RPM
  2. Provide Nginx instructions to pre-"bro" static files. "If you can perform brotli 10 (11 makes little sense) compression upfront on all your most common static assets you will see very large network performance gains on supporting browsers."



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