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phpBB is a free open-source bulletin board written in PHP.


Get your copy of phpBB, find support and lots more on phpBB.com! Discuss the development on area51.


To be able to run an installation from the repo (and not from a pre-built package) you need to run the following commands to install phpBB's dependencies.

cd phpBB
php ../composer.phar install


  1. Create an account on phpBB.com
  2. Create a ticket (unless there already is one)
  3. Read our Coding guidelines and Git Contribution Guidelines
  4. Send us a pull request


Read our Vagrant documentation to find out how to use Vagrant to develop and contribute to phpBB.


We have unit and functional tests in order to prevent regressions. You can view the bamboo continuous integration here or check our travis builds below:

  • Build Status master - Latest development version
  • Build Status 3.2.x - Development of version 3.2.x
  • Build Status 3.1.x - Development of version 3.1.x


GNU General Public License v2

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release-3.1.10 October 12, 2016
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release-3.1.6 September 05, 2015

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