🔧 R package: R.utils (this is *not* the utils package that comes with R itself)


Language: R

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R.utils: Various Programming Utilities


R package R.utils is available on CRAN and can be installed in R as:


Pre-release version

To install the pre-release version that is available in Git branch develop on GitHub, use:


This will install the package from source.


This Git repository uses the Git Flow branching model (the git flow extension is useful for this). The develop branch contains the latest contributions and other code that will appear in the next release, and the master branch contains the code of the latest release, which is exactly what is currently on CRAN.

Contributing to this package is easy. Just send a pull request. When you send your PR, make sure develop is the destination branch on the R.utils repository. Your PR should pass R CMD check --as-cran, which will also be checked by Travis CI and AppVeyor CI when the PR is submitted.

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