Language: Ruby

Welcome to Homeward Found

A Purple Martins 2014 Final Project

Team members: Jeuel Wilkerson, John Akers, Allie Reilly, Ernie Salazar, Steven Leu

What is Homeward Found?

Homeward Found is a web app built for helping users find lost pets. A user will be able to create a listing for a lost pet or a pet they found and have the application return potential matches. They would then be able to contact someone who has found their pet.

User stories (core)

  • A user can reach the application and see a map of lost pets, sighted pets, and sighted pets that have been picked up
  • A user can create an account and log in
  • A user can create a listing for a lost pet
  • A user can create a listing for a pet sighting
  • A user can create a listing for a pet they've picked up

Considered Technical Features/Goals

  • Lightweight Ruby on Rails backend with a search matching algorithm that returns a JSON response
  • Heavy Client-side processing in Javascript with the REACT library and a possible Backbone framework
  • One page responsive application with dynamic forms and user interactions
  • Geolocation via HTML 5
  • Google Maps API integration to handle mapping

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