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License: MIT

Language: Python

smipyping SMI Laboratory test tools

About this project

smipyping is a set of WBEM server test tools based on the pywbem WBEM client implementation. The goal is to provide a variety of tools to be able to test the current status of WBEM servers both superically and by analyzing the details of the server code using the SNIA smi profiles to define the details of the server.


  1. Python 2.7. At this point, this package will only run with Python2.7 because one of the core packages (scapy) is Python 2 only.

  2. smipyping - Installed as part of the smipyping installation

  3. Linux - Including linux tools like make, etc.

We do NOT support python 3 right now primarily because one required package (scapy) does not support python 3. Plans are to remove this requirement and then smipyping will support python 3.




smipyping consists of a number of scripts that provide tests of WBEM Servers.

These are documented in the smipyping documentation.

This includes:

  • smicli - This is a multilevel script that will include all the functionality in the following commands: This tool incorporates a number of subcommands including:

    cimping   Command group to do simpleping.
    explorer  Command group for general provider explore.
    help      Show help message for interactive mode.
    provider  Command group for simple provider operations.
    repl      Enter interactive (REPL) mode (default).
    targets   Command group for managing targets data.

This command is described in detail in the documentation. It includes built-in help at every level of the command to define the arguments and options for that level. Thus, for example, you can request help as follows:

smicli --help
smicli cimping --help    - Tells you what options/cmds exist under cimping
smicli cimping host --help - Parameters for this subcommand that executes
                             a simple ping against a host.

smicli will replace all other commands over the next week or so as we complete the tests to be sure it is equivalent to each of these commands.

  • simpleping - (superceeded by smicli and to be removed for next release) This script emulates the operation of the original cim server ping program in that it executes a test against a single server using the input parameters to define the server parameters. The command line input is available with the --help option to simpleping.

This script does not depend on the userdata. You must supply all the required fields.


simpleping httpd:// -u blah -p blah -n somenamespace -v

This will test the server at with user name blah and password blah

  • serversweep - Does a sweep against the ipaddresses/ports defined on input to find open ports and if the flag is set to use the userbase determines if any servers that do have the defined ports open are in the data base.

Since this command requires running in admin mode, the easiest way to use it with the current database of smilab servers is to run the bash script:


which is in the smipyping directory. That script includes the definition of the config file (csv) and the functionality to run) the code in admin mode. Normally it will request your password when it calls the serversweep executable.

  • explore - (superceeded by smicli and to be removed for next release)

Deep explore against servers defined in the user base.

Targets database

Today the user base is a simple csv file that is in the root directory of the smipyping installation as the file:


This file is up-to-date with the definitions of wbem server targets in the cimping sql database.

NOTE: The new SQL database will be enabled for the next release.


This code is under development and is provided today in as-is status.


smipyping is provided under the Apache-2 license.


Running a serversweep


Open WBEMServers:subnet(s)=['10.1.132,134,136', '10.2.100:117.1:50']
port(s)=[5988, 5989] range 1:254, time 3.11 min
    total pings=3324 pings answered=66
 IPAddress          CompanyName      Product              SMIVersion  
──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────  Unknown                                     Unknown                                     Unknown                                     Unknown                                     Unknown                                      Unknown                                      EMC              VNXe (Unified)       1.4/1.5/1.6   Unknown                                      Unknown                                      Unknown                                      Unknown                                      Tintri           VMStore              0      Unknown                                      Unknown                                     Dot Hill         Assured SAN 5720     1.5   Dot Hill         Assured SAN 5720     1.5   Fujitsu          DX200S3              1.6   Unknown                                     Hewlett Packard  HP P9500 (Embedded)  1.3.0/1.5.0  Unknown                                     Unknown                                     Unknown                                     Unknown                                     Hewlett Packard  P2000 G3 MSA         1.5   Hewlett Packard  P2000 G3 MSA         1.5   Hewlett Packard  P2000 G3 MSA         1.5   Brocade          BRCD1 Fabric               Unknown                                     Unknown                                     Unknown                                     Unknown                                     Unknown                                     EMC              FC HBA               1.4   Unknown                                     Unknown                                     Unknown                                     Unknown                                     Unknown                                     Unknown                                      Unknown                                      Unknown                                      EMC              VNX Storage Array    1.6    Unknown                                      Fujitsu          DX200S3              1.6    Unknown                                      Dell/Compellent  Storage Center       1.5    Unknown                                      Fujitsu          DX80S2               1.4

 . . .

Running smicli cimping

smicli cimping id 4

SimplePing server None, target_id 4
cimping url=, ns=root/compellent, principal=******, cred=********

A running server reports 'Running'

A failed server reports errors as follows:

smicli cimping id 3

SimplePing server None, target_id 3
cimping url=, ns=cimv2, principal=smilab6, cred=F00sb4ll Error Response, Exit code 4 TimeoutError The client timed out and closed the socket after 11s.

Running smicli explorer

smicli explorer id 4
 Server Basic Information
 Id  Url                  Brand  Company          Product         Vers  SMI Profiles  Interop_ns  Status   time   
 04         Dell/Compellent  Storage Center                                  PyWBMEr  0.40 s

smicli explorer id 3

Server Basic Information
 Id  Url                   Brand  Company  Product  Vers  SMI Profiles  Interop_ns  Status   time   
 03         Cisco    DCNM                                     PyWBMEr  7.60 s

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