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Blooming Spoon


npm install react-tools

All your react work should happen in app/assets/react. You should NOT touch any files under app/assets/javascripts/react, these should be built automatically by running:

jsx --watch app/assets/react app/assets/javascripts/react


  • meal: 16 ounces of entree, 8 ounces of side dish (feeds 1)
  • container: contains 2 portions of entree or side dish

We don't deliver half containers, minimum serving is 1 container

Subscription Clients

Clients can signup/login with info:

  • physical address
  • phone number
  • delivery instructions: walk through the back gate and watch out for the dog. his name is flooky


  • Admin can create menus with optional pre-existing items (you don't have to reenter the same item again)
  • Clients can see current menu


  • create invoices/receipts per transaction



  • We are thinking of meals, but presenting them in packages.
  • Admin can CURD packages
  • Client can order a package and pay for packages.
  • Clients can view their ordering history.
  • Clients can print invoices/receipts for their orders.
  • Admin can view current orders
  • Admin can see totals of quantities ordered of each menu item.


  • Stripe
  • Save client's info for easy payments.


  • We deliver weekly only, no daily.
  • Minimum 2 meals per order/customization
  • We never deliver less than 6 meals per week so frequency can't leave a meal debt less than 6 meals.


  • a client can put their subscription on hold (in the case they're traveling) 4 weeks max.

Add ons

  • Advertising products that you can add on to your meals. These will paid for separately.
  • Add ons are on weekly basis, they will be delivered with the weekly meal.

Add on item

  • Name
  • Price
  • Description
  • Ingredient
  • Tags
  • Nice to have: image



  • All items are in serving 2, no single servings.
  • Admin can create future/unpublished menus
  • Admin creates/customize weekly menu (by defining it or choosing from pre-defined):
    • 5 entrees
    • 5 side dishes
  • Admin can choose the defaults for all clients
  • Client can change their defaults by choosing:
    • How many entrees and how many side dishes, keeping in mind that 2 side dishes == 1 entree.
  • Clients receive notice about menu on Tuesdays
  • Clients can customize menu By end of day Thursday
  • Admin can customize when is the notice date and when is the cutoff/deadline date


Use Github's philosophy on upgrading, just a checkbox.

Menu Items

  • Name
  • Entree / Side Dish
  • Description
  • Ingredients
  • Tags (Gluten free, spicy, etc.)
  • Nice to haves:
    • image
    • Admin can see which are the most ordered menu items.

Ingredients (nice to have)

  • We can add a specific quantities of ingredients for each menu item

Grocery list (nice to have)

Use the ingredients and the quantities of delivery to populate a grocery list

Guest Clients

  • They can subscribe for weekly menu/newsletter/recipes/discounts without signing up.


  • Find a list of all foods known to man :)


  • Admin can print labels for the menu items that have been ordered:
    • label looks like: #{menu item name} - #{ingredients} - #{date}
  • Admin can print client receipts/invoice and pack them:
    • packing sheets have client name, address, and list of menu items and quantities

Discounts / Promotions

  • Admin can generate promo codes:
    • code
    • dollar amount off or percentage
    • combine with package discounts?
    • expiration
  • Admin can send promo codes to clients
  • Admin can promote a code for guest/existing clients on front page

Delivery (nice to have)

Admin can see a delivery route map


  • Admin can CRUD email communication templates (welcome, menu reminder, etc)

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