Pull data from various sources to compile an as complete as possible list of countries, cities, and currencies.

Language: Ruby

Countries & Cities Database

This library will help to build a database containing continents, countries, cities, and currencies.

Due to copyright reasons, I can't provide the final compiled database in this repo.

However, you can easily clone this repo and follow the instructions below to create it yourself.



> load './app.rb'
 => true
> Continent.count
 => 7
> Country.count
 => 247
> City.count
 => 71475
> continent = Continent.find_by_code("NA")
 => #<Continent id: 6, name: "North America", code: "NA", translations: nil>
> country = continent.countries.find_by_alpha2("US")
 => #<Country id: 240, continent_id: 6, currency_id: 59, name: "United States", alpha2: "US", alpha3: "USA", country_code: "1", world_region: "AMER", region: "Americas", subregion: "Northern America", latitude: 38.0, longitude: 97.0, translations: {"en"=>"United States", "es"=>"Estados Unidos", ...}>
> country.currency
 => #<Currency id: 59, name: "Dollars", code: "USD", symbol: "$">
> country.cities.find_by_name("New York")
 => #<City id: 63585, country_id: 240, name: "New York", latitude: 40.7528, longitude: -73.9725, time_zone: "America/New_York", translations: nil>

Export to CSV

Often you'll want to have it in a format that you can easily parse into your own application.

You can export the countries and cities into a CSV file by running the following command:

$ ruby export.rb

$ ls *.csv
cities.csv countries.csv

$ cat countries.csv
Name,Alpha2,Alpha3,Continent,World Region,Region,Subregion,Latitude,Longitude,Currency Code,Currency Symbol
United States,US,USA,North America,AMER,Americas,Northern America,38.0,97.0,USD,$

$ cat cities.csv
Name,Country,Latitude,Longitude,Time Zone
New York,United States,40.7528,-73.9725,America/New_York


This library makes use of the GeoLite and GeoLite2 country/cities data created by MaxMind (

This library also makes use of the 'countries' rubygem for additional country related information, such as alpha3 code, country code, region/subregion, and translated country names (

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