Timer based music player, user can choose mood.

License: GPL-3.0

Language: JavaScript


I've made a music player to suit the needs of a service, where clients privately use a room for a determined amout of time. The client can first choose the mood of music that suits them. There's some good code in here, but not enough to sell to anyone. So I thought I'd open-source it, perhaps get help on improving this while I'm at it.


  • Dead simple for the user - all they see are the playlists
  • Client chooses playlist and a random file from inside is played.
  • After 10 seconds a popup asks if they want to hear the introduction.
  • Session is limited by an invisible timer.
  • Music files are picked up from folders automatically.
  • You can cuztomize player color nad timer options very easily.


Alt text


If you do use this, I would be very interested in hearing where and how.

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