2048 by reason-react

Language: OCaml

Keywords: 2048, 2048-game, react, reason, reason-react, reasonml

ReasonReact 2048 - An adventure into ReasonReact

Demo - The app is designed to play in mobile phones, use your mobile scan to play, or you can click here to try in desktop anyway.


As a frontend developer using React for two years, I use JavaScript and React everyday: dive into new packages, fork and change some libraries, struggle with babel and webpack... But how can I get further, and become a good programmer I satisfied, maybe I need to get out of my comfort zone and do something really hard for me, like: A new language.

Why Reason

I get to know reason because watched some speaks on YouTube by ChenLou, a really nice programmer in Facebook who built React-Motion. After that, I found the project was also lead by the creator of React! And they describe ReasonReact as The future of React. So, I think it's good for me, who has few experience on language beside JavaScript but familiar with React itself.


Let's start from here!

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