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Project Description and Documentation

This repository is used for publication of additional content of the LightJason project

Usage & Tools


The bibliographie is stored under static/references.bib as an UTF-8 encoded Bibtex file, convert after changes the Bibtex file into a BibJSON file with

pandoc-citeproc --bib2json static/references.bib > static/references.json

Additional Feature

  • if you add a key with name URL to the Bibtex entry the URL can point to of the PDF file, and will create a download link on the publication list
  • if you add a key with name Note you can reference a comment file e.g. the key-value named foo a file under content/publications/ must existst with any additional comments of the reference


The deployment will run automatically on a git push to the developing-Branch

Prim.js configuration

For code hightlighting the JavaScript component Prism.js is used with the following definition:

Languages Plugins
Markup, C-like, Bash, C, Git, Java, Prolog, Yaml Line Hightlight, Line Number, Command Line, Show Language, Toolbar, Copy to Clipboard

Content ToDo's

  • Maven to Eclipse & IntelliJ Web-Video (importing projects into IDE)
  • ASL Tutorial (Syntax & Semantic Example) with some tricks
  • Tutorial Agent-Configuration & -Generatoren
  • Agent-Tutorial (Workflow from an idea to code)
    1. Problem description
    2. Problem splitting into distributed and task-orientated solving
    3. Agent-code developing
    4. Java-code developing - creating a logic-based event-handler with -listener
  • Choice-Behaviour
    1. Fitness proportionate selection (Linear & Gibbs-Boltzmann)
    2. CES-function
    3. PCA
    4. Plan execution based on the data
  • Simulation-Tutorial
    1. LibGDX with sprites & tilemaps
    2. scenario configuration with YAML
    3. Grid / Graph structure
    4. Perceiving environment
    5. Interaction between agents
    1. Java Webserver (here Jetty)
    2. Servlet Structure
    3. Agent-Inspector
    4. Agent-Access via REST
    5. UI with jQuery / Angular.JS
  • Video-Screencast
    • import IntelliJ pom.xml
    • import Eclipse pom.xml

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