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Laravel Framework 5.1 Bootstrap 3 Starter Site

Demo site is deleteed today> It's because some user upload virus code which is stop work server, which I use to hosting, and I need do delete it. Host owner tell me that I have some virus code on my start site(someone is upload some virus code on server) and I need to delete it or they delete it. So I must delete it. Sorry.

Starter Site based on on Laravel 5.1 and Boostrap 3

Starter Site Features:

  • Laravel 5.1.x
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3.x
  • Back-end
    • Automatic install and setup website.
    • User management.
    • Manage languages.
    • Manage photos and photo albums.
    • Manage article and article categories.
    • DataTables dynamic table sorting and filtering.
    • Colorbox jQuery modal popup.
    • Add Summernote WYSIWYG in textareas.
  • Front-end
    • User login, registration
    • View Photos,Articles, Languages and Users
    • soon will be more...
  • Packages included:
    • Datatables Bundle


PHP >= 5.5.9
OpenSSL PHP Extension
Mbstring PHP Extension
Tokenizer PHP Extension
SQL server(for example MySQL)
Node JS

How to install:

Step 1: Get the code - Download the repository

Extract it in www(or htdocs if you using XAMPP) folder and put it for example in laravel5startersite folder.

Step 2: Use Composer to install dependencies

Laravel utilizes Composer to manage its dependencies. First, download a copy of the composer.phar. Once you have the PHAR archive, you can either keep it in your local project directory or move to usr/local/bin to use it globally on your system. On Windows, you can use the Composer Windows installer.

Then run:

composer install

to install dependencies Laravel and other packages.

Step 3: Create database

If you finished first three steps, now you can create database on your database server(MySQL). You must create database with utf-8 collation(uft8_general_ci), to install and application work perfectly. After that, copy .env.example and rename it as .env and put connection and change default database connection name, only database connection, put name database, database username and password.

Step 4: Install

Firstable need to uncomment this line "extension=php_fileinfo.dll" in php.ini file.

This project makes use of Bower and Laravel Elixir. Before triggering Elixir, you must first ensure that Node.js (included in homestead) is installed on your machine.

node -v

Install dependencies listed in package.json with:

npm install

Retrieve frontend dependencies with Bower, compile SASS, and move frontend files into place:


Now that you have the environment configured, you need to create a database configuration for it. For create database tables use this command:

php artisan migrate

And to initial populate database use this:

php artisan db:seed

If you install on your localhost in folder laravel5startersite, you can type on web browser:


Step 5: Start Page

You can now login to admin part of Laravel Framework 5 Bootstrap 3 Starter Site:

password: admin

OR user

password: user


RuntimeException : No supported encrypter found. The cipher and / or key length are invalid.

php artisan key:generate

Site loading very slow

composer dump-autoload --optimize


php artisan dump-autoload


This is free software distributed under the terms of the MIT license

Additional information

Inspired by and based on andrew13's Laravel-4-Bootstrap-Starter-Site

How Starter Site is look like

Index Login Register new user Admin dashboard Admin users Admin list users

Advanced alternatives

If you are interested in advanced starter sites where you can get 70+ admin pages, 20+ frontend pages with color schemes and a CRUD generator then visit below links



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