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Zope2 is an open-source web application server.

This document provides some general information about Zope2 and provides
links to other documents.

Installation information can be found in ``doc/INSTALL.rst``.  Other
documentation is also in the "doc" directory and in the
documentation section at .

General Zope information is available at


Follow the instructions in ``doc/INSTALL.rst`` to install Zope.


The Zope License is included in ``ZopePublicLicense.txt``.  Send your
feedback about the license to

Bug tracker

Bugs reports should be made through the Zope bugtracker at  A bug report should contain detailed
information about how to reproduce the bug, error messages (see
``/error_log`` within the ZMI or ``var/event.log``).

Mailing list

You can contact and discuss Zope2 on the Zope mailing list (
To subscribe to the list send mail to with ``subscribe``
in the subject line.

You can also subscribe online from here:

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