Windows front end for watching NHL games

License: MIT

Language: Visual Basic


Tool to watch NHL games in High Definition

Choose a date.
Choose a game.
Choose a stream.



/First use


NHLGames is an app built on .NET Framework 4.5. So, it's only available on Windows and works on any CPU (x86/x64). If you run NHLGames on Windows 7 you will probably need to install .NET Framework 4.5. Windows XP and Vista are not supported.

//Message about the hosts file

First time you start NHLGames it will ask if you wish to view the Hosts file. That means the app has changed a system file to let you use NHLGames without issues by adding a line like this one XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX www.hosting.site.com at the end of it. If you want to view the changes, then click Yes and you will have to select Notepad to view the file. If NHLGames did not succesfully changed this file, see the Server Hosts Entry section.

//Is this app safe?

So, you might wonder if this application is safe. You can look at our code to find out by yourself, you will see the reason why anti-virus don't like us. We modify your hosts file in Windows/System32/drivers/etc/ and we do that to make sure that the app will be able to get the stream links for games that are available. The other reason is that the app sends web request to a server that might be blacklisted. But don't worry, this server only responds with plain text.


To be able to play streams properly, you have to choose a media player in the image tab. Make sure the player that you choose has a valid path to the EXE file.

MPV player comes with NHLGames. So if you don't have or want VLC/MPC players, just use our default media player to watch games. Make sure you select mpv as the default player.

If you want to change some settings, see the Settings section.

///Hosts file

See the Server Hosts Entry section.

/User interface

Everytime you launch NHLGames it will search for today's games.


///Navigation bar

If you want to watch past games, use the calendar or use the arrows to navigate through the days. image Use the refresh button (at the right) to refresh the current day games.

///Game panel

Game panels can be customize to show or hide infos, it can be set in settings. Only today's games will show with a blue frame, like the one below :


Today's games are blue:

  • Upcoming games : blue frame
  • Pregame games: blue frame and blue top banner
  • Live games : blue frame, blue top banner and live icon (red)

Every others games, past or scheduled, are grey:

  • Past games: grey frame with a grey top banner
  • Scheduled games: grey frame


///Customize Game panels

NHLGames gives you some options to change how a game panel will appear.

Final Scores : If on, it shows final score of all past games between the teams logo.
Live Scores : If on, it shows live score of all games in progress between the teams logo.
Series Record : If on, it shows serie records under the game status, like: Game 4 Tied 2-2
Teams city abbreviation: If on, it shows team city abbreviation under the team logo, like: MTL
Live games first: If on, games list will be ordered by live games first


NHLGames supports two languages: English and French. More can be added, but we are waiting for contributions.


If you want to contribute. Translate the file NHLGames/NHLGames/English.resx. It can be modified in Visual Studio, remove any lines tagged as Console lines (these are not translated), rename the file and open a Pull Request.

///Stream Quality

The selected value will defined which quality will be sent to your media player, from the worst to the best quality. Selecting the highest quality also means bigger files to download :

  • Excellent: 720p or better at 60fps ~2.50 Gb/hr
  • Superb: 720p ~1.80 Gb/hr
  • Great: 540p ~1.30 Gb/hr
  • Good: 504p ~950 Mb/hr
  • Normal: 360p ~700 Mb/hr
  • Low: 228p ~500 Mb/hr
  • Mobile: 224p or worst ~300/hr

///Content Delivery Network (CDN)

NHLGames uses by default Akamai CDN, but Level 3 can be activated by turn on the alternate network in settings.

Default: Akamai

Akamai is one of the oldest CDNs and generally considered to be the largest global CDN. They have 'servers everywhere' and a wide range of products and services. The company is actively involved in Let's Encrypt and is pushing HTTP/2 adoption.

Alternate: Level 3

Level 3 owns and operates a global Tier-1 network and - logically - their CDN runs on top of it. It has POPs on all continents and their product focus is on video and large object delivery. Level 3 CDN is part of the Google Cloud CDN Interconnect.

///Server's Hostname

This drop down list shows all NHLGames server hostname, so if you can't play games, try another hostname.

///Server Hosts Entry

If the selected hostname (above) can be resolve by your network, it will get and save the related IP adress into the Windows Hosts file.

To test your Hosts file, go to Settings and use the Hosts File drop down list:

Select Test if the NHL.tv authentication bypass works and click on GO.
It should tells you if everything is fine.

If NHLGames is not set properly, try the following options:

Right click on NHLGames.exe and select Run as an administrator.

In settings, use the Hosts file drop down list:

Select Add the NHL.tv authentication bypass line to Hosts file

If it does not work, try this other host file action:

Select Copy to clipboard the authentication bypass line, click on GO
Select View Hosts file content in Notepad, click on GO

If it does not open, try this other host file action:

Select Open Hosts file location or go to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc. Right click on hosts file and select Notepad as the editor.

Go at the end of the file:

Press CTRL+V (or right click and click on Paste), our server redirection should be added.

Now, save the hosts file:

Go to File > Save as, CTRL+S.
On the save file dialog pops. Make sure: File name is: hosts, not hosts.txt
File type is: All Files (*.*), not Documents (*.txt)

Note: If you need to remove NHLGames entry, go back into the Hosts file drop down list in Settings and select Remove the NHL.tv authentication bypass line from Hosts file or View Hosts file content in Notepad and remove our entry.


NHLGames supports up to 3 media players:

  • MPV (default player, comes with NHLGames)
  • MPC
  • VLC

If you don't have or want VLC/MPC players, use our default media player to watch games. Make sure you select MPV as the default player.

If you had previously installed VLC or MPC, NHLGames should find it automatically if you installed it in the default folder Program Files, otherwise you will have to browse image your computer and get the path to the EXE file.

If you don't have one of these players installed and you want to install it, use the links on the right to download it.


A streamer is not a media player, it's an application that NHLGames use to get the stream from Internet and parse it to your media player. The default streamer that NHLGames provided is Livestreamer and its path is inside NHLGames directory and it should not move, otherwise you will to specified the new one or you won't be able to stream any game. It's also possible to change from Livestreamer to Streamlink, but you will have to download it, install it and provide the path in settings.

If you can't play any stream, you might need to install one of these streamer (the portable version might not work for everyone), follow the link above (click on the streamer you want) and download the installer.

If your antivirus or Windows Defender removes the streamer, try to install another version (example: 1.0.7 instead of 1.0.8).

If you find one that works great for you, keep it, you will just have to change the path in settings when a new update of NHLGames will come out.


If you wish to customise the way your player or the streamer opens, turn on one of these options and add your arguments:

  • Player args : If you want to add more arguments (commands) to be sent to your media player with the default args that NHLGames send.
  • Streamer args : If you want to add more arguments (commands) to be sent to streamlink with the default args that NHLGames send.

///Ad Detection

NHLGames doesn't use any Ad Detection modules by default, but you can activate it and select the app you want to use during commercials. If you don't use any, it's better if you disable the Ad Detection module.

Ad detection only supports these applications:

  • Spotify Windows: If you want to play music during ads.
  • OBS Scene Changer : If you want to switch between windows when an ad hits.


Go to this tab to see everything that NHLGames does. Also, any error or warning will show up here.


Having an issue with NHLGames? Head to our Wiki to find a fix. Look at the side bar, on the right, to navigate between known issues. If you can't find it, feel free to open an issue.


NHLGames doesn't support Chromecast, but Google Chrome does. Follow these steps if you want to play the game on your TV.


  1. Select a pc monitor you want to share. Make sure audio share is checked.

  1. Use NHLGames to get a stream, once the game plays, move the media player window to the right monitor and enjoy the show.


NHLGames is coded in VB.NET using Visual Studio and .Net Framework 4.5. If you want to contribute : Follow the guidelines

Thanks to our contributors


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