Counts the words in your current document


License: MIT

Language: CoffeeScript

Atom wordcount package

Counts the words and characters in your current document and displays them in the status bar. Plus a handful of great features, like:

  • Activates automatically on text files (define on which file extensions you want to activate it, or turn it "Always on")
  • Counts the words and characters in your selection when you have made one (or multiple!)
  • Writing goal tracker (with custom colors support)
  • Works with unsaved files
  • Option to exclude markdown codeblocks from count
  • Option to exclude markdown <!-- html comments --> and {>> critic markup comments <<} from count
  • Option to exclude markdown > blockquotes from count
  • Option to show the total price per word for the document. Currency symbol can be changed in Settings.
  • Option to display the time to read estimation based on word count

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