The Grid SDK - Game engine for Lua

License: MIT

Language: Lua

Keywords: game-engine, grid-sdk, lua, luajit


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The Grid engine is a 2D game engine built on LÖVE. It's inspired by Source, and subsequently, QuakeWorld. It's a small, but powerful engine that provides a significant amount of subsystems to you that you would otherwise need to write by hand for your projects or game jams.

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Tutorials and API Documentation
Tutorials and API Documentation Source


  • Basic prediction
  • Classes via lclass
  • Client-server model
  • Common convenience classes
  • Effortless networking
  • Elegant GUI system
  • Entity system
  • Level streaming
  • Pathfinding
  • Spritesheet animations
  • Tiled-based region system
  • Threaded LuaSec support
  • Lua 5.1.5 base library extensions
  • Real-time scripting
  • JSON decoding and encoding via JSON4Lua
  • MD5 sums via md5.lua
  • UTF-8 aware string functions via utf8.lua


Windows 64-bit

Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x64)

Windows 32-bit

Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)


Issues are responded to in less than 24 hours. In most cases, @andrewmcwatters, or another Planimeter engineer will get back to you within the hour.


Grid is built by Planimeter volunteer contributors, and contributors like you. Here are the lovely folks who have powered the project. GitHub doesn't show all of the contributors behind its metrics, so we extend our thanks here in alphabetical order by last name for every addition and deletion.

Ryan Kingstone (@ryan-kingstone)
Matthias Moninger (@ZehM4tt)
Matthew Nichols (@Polkm)
Lachlan Temple (@ltmp)
Manolis Vrondakis (@vrondakis)
Kamil Zmich (@KamilKZ)

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