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PyDaMind is a suite designed to record, display and process brain data. It is actually a Bachelor degree project.

It consists of a Client, which lets the user choose between various textual or visual activities, and a Webserver, which process brain data. The Client records brain data during an activity and sends them to the Webserver.
The latter processes and stores brain data in a MongoDB database

The suite works with NeuroSky Mindwave headset and is fully extendible to other devices.

  • Wikipedia for python
  • NeuroPy
  • PySide
  • Tornado
  • jsonschema
  • Motor
  • Lxml
  • websocket-client
  • qtawesome

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# Tested on Ubuntu
# Before this, you need to install Pip and Git.
# A mongodb server is needed too. See:
# Require Python 2.7+

# install what possible with Pip
python -m pip install wikipedia tornado jsonschema motor lxml websocket-client qtawesome

# Pyside
apt-get install python-dev python-pyside pyside-tools

# NeuroPy, check repository page for updated version
unzip -a
python install 

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