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Byebug is a Ruby debugger. It's implemented using the TracePoint C API for execution control ...
Latest release 10.0.0 - Updated - 2.47K stars
Bourbon is a library of pure Sass mixins and functions that are designed to make you a mo...
Latest release 5.0.0 - Updated - 8.51K stars
Retrieve the binding of a method's caller. Can also retrieve bindings even further up the stack.
Latest release 0.8.0 - Updated - 538 stars
Provides a better error page for Rails and other Rack apps. Includes source code inspection, a li...
Latest release 2.4.0 - Updated - 6.31K stars
Ruby on Rails is a full-stack web framework optimized for programmer happiness and sustainable pr...
Latest release 5.1.5 - Updated - 38.7K stars
Brakeman detects security vulnerabilities in Ruby on Rails applications via static analysis.
Latest release 4.2.0 - Updated - 4.68K stars
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