OpenSource-Reimplementation of the zEngine, used by the game "Gothic"

License: GPL-3.0

Language: C++

Keywords: cpp, engine, gothic, gothic2, reimplementation

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OpenSource-Reimplementation of the zEngine, used by the game "Gothic" and "Gothic II".


Make sure to clone this repository with the --recursive flag:

git clone --recursive
git clone --recursive

To update the repo, you need to make sure to update the submodules as well. Instead of simply pulling the repository, you can do:

git pull --recurse-submodules
git submodule update --remote --recursive


You will need CMake (3.1 or newer) and a C++14-capable compiler. Currently supported/tested are:

  • GCC (6.x)
  • MinGW
  • Visual Studio 2015


cd path/to/REGoth
mkdir build
cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..

If CMake complains about some folders missing a CMakeLists.txt, you most likely forgot to clone with the --recursive-flag! Simple do git submodule update --init --recursive and it should work.

Then, choose depending on your OS:


make -j


Open the generated REGoth.sln in VisualStudio and build as usual.


The compiled files are inside the build/bin directory.

Make sure to copy the content/shaders folder to the working directory of the compiled REGoth-Executable. Then, run the program with the following flags:

REGoth -g "path/to/gothic1or2" -w startworld.zen

Where path/to/gothic1or2 points to the root of a Gothic I or II installation and startworld.zen is one of the Zen-Files found in a .vdf-files in the games data/-directory. For example: newworld.zen or addonworld.zen for Gothic II.

It is recommended to run this from the commandline, to see the debug-output of the program.


Gothic 1 - Overworld: REGoth -g "path/to/gothic1" -w world.zen

Gothic 1 - Oldmine: REGoth -g "path/to/gothic1" -w oldmine.zen

Gothic 1 - Freemine: REGoth -g "path/to/gothic1" -w freemine.zen

Gothic 1 - Sleeper temple: REGoth -g "path/to/gothic1" -w orctemple.zen

Gothic 2 - Overworld: REGoth -g "path/to/gothic2" -w newworld.zen

Gothic 2 - Valley of mines: REGoth -g "path/to/gothic2" -w oldworld.zen

Gothic 2 - Addonworld: REGoth -g "path/to/gothic2" -w addonworld.zen

Gothic 2 - Dragonisland: REGoth -g "path/to/gothic2" -w dragonisland.zen

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OpenSource-Reimplementation of the zEngine, used by the game "Gothic"
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