A simple postcss yeoman generator to be immediately ready and productive!

License: MIT

Language: JavaScript

Keywords: generator-postcss, gulp, postcss, yeoman

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Yeoman generator for Postcss projects

This generator makes for you production folder that contains Js, Html, Css and an awesome Gulp file ready to use for minify,beautify and live reload for browser.


Pre-requisites: You'll need node which comes with npm or yarn.

If you don't have Yeoman installed:

npm install -g yo

Install generator with npm or yarn

npm i generator-postcss-projects
yarn add generator-postcss-projects


yo postcss-projects

Drink an italian coffee and wait

What gulp file include?

Minify Css

gulp minify-css

Minify Html

gulp minify-html

Beautify Css

gulp css


gulp poster

Compile ( Include minify, beautify )


Serve ( Open live reload in your browser )

gulp serve


Thanks to Salvatore B. and Andrea Stagi to help me with troubleshooting.


MIT © Giulio Fagioli

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A simple postcss yeoman generator to be immediately ready and productive!
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