A scrollable notebook component for iOS applications by Rendel (

License: MIT

Language: Swift


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RDNotebookView is a scrollable notebook component for iOS applications. NotebookView mechanism works mostly the same way as UITableView does.


  • Manually
  • As Open Source:
  1. Download RDNotebookView project
  2. Drag n drop the Source folder into your project (Make sure that you tick on Copy if needed checkbox)
  • As Embedded Framework:
  1. Download RDNotebookView project
  2. Build it for desired target
  3. Copy it into your project directory
  4. In Xcode navigator select project >> General >> Embedded Binaries: click + button and select RDNotebookView framework.
source ''
target 'ProjectName' do
# For latest version:
    pod 'RDNotebookView'

Run pod install, and you should now have the latest RDNotebookView release.


All you need to do is to import the library and start coding:

import RDNotebookView


  • Swift 5.0 or later


Giorgi Iashvili,


RDNotebookView is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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