Source served on - My personal page

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Source served on - My personal page

Node 4.4.0

Contributing :

  1. Fork this repo

    and stay on master branch

  2. Install required gulp modules $ npm install

    Windows: May require to run console as admin.

    Mac: Sudo may be required. $ sudo npm install

  3. Run a project build

    $ gulp

  4. Watch project modifications, use livereload and start a local server (optional)

    $ gulp watch

  5. Open the result in your browser

    Without local server : open dist/index.html

    With local server : open http://localhost:8080/

  6. Open src/ as workspace in your IDE and make your changes

  7. Run a project build

    $ gulp

    and watch result in browser. This is automatically triggered if you ran $ gulp watch

  8. Once changes are done deploy the result

    $ gulp deploy

  9. Commit your changes

Troubleshooting :

If you want more details on the tasks being run, use

$ gulp --verbose

You need to have Ruby installed. If not, run

$ npm install ruby-sass

Error during gulp lint task

You need to have the scss_lint ruby gem.

sudo gem install scss_lint

Livereload not working

install the Livereload extension on your browser. Turn it on on your tab, re-run $gulp watch and reload manually once.

Dependencies :

Sanitize.scss sanitize.css ported to sass

It is located in src/sass/0-vendors/sanitize.scss and called in src/sass/app.scss


This is the responsive vertical library used across the project.
Use like this:

.layout {
    @include base(padding-bottom, 1);

Will result of .layout having a padding-bottom of 1 responsive base unit.

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