A web app for organizing vocab words in multiple languages

License: MIT

Language: JavaScript

Translation Lists : a todo for words translation.

A web app for organizing words to learned in other languages

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This is a personnal project for organizing the words I want to learn from other languages.


  • Automatic translation of the french input on todo creation to english and spanish
  • Orginization of todos in lists for theme grouping
  • User accounts w/ private lists


  • Allow input in any three language, and translate to the others
  • Allow drag and drop for list re-ordering, and moving to other list
  • Add batch add feature, from themes of words or real life situation
  • Allow translation edition at the todo creation and onwards
  • Add a loading state when requesting the API
  • Give a list of possible translations and allow multi selection of them

Powered by meteor and using widely their todos example

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