A parser for the SPARQL query language in JavaScript

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SPARQL.js – A SPARQL 1.1 parser for JavaScript

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The SPARQL 1.1 Query Language allows to query datasources of RDF triples. SPARQL.js translates SPARQL into JSON and back, so you can parse and build SPARQL queries in your JavaScript applications.

It fully supports the SPARQL 1.1 specification, including property paths, federation, and updates.



// Parse a SPARQL query to a JSON object
var SparqlParser = require('sparqljs').Parser;
var parser = new SparqlParser();
var parsedQuery = parser.parse(
  'PREFIX foaf: <> ' +
  'SELECT * { ?mickey foaf:name "Mickey Mouse"@en; foaf:knows ?other. }');

// Regenerate a SPARQL query from a JSON object
var SparqlGenerator = require('sparqljs').Generator;
var generator = new SparqlGenerator();
parsedQuery.variables = ['?mickey'];
var generatedQuery = generator.stringify(parsedQuery);


$ sparql-to-json query.sparql


Queries are represented in a JSON structure. The most easy way to get acquainted with this structure is to try the examples in the queries folder through sparql-to-json. All examples of the SPARQL 1.1 specification have been included, in case you wonder how a specific syntactical construct is represented.

Here is a simple query in SPARQL:

PREFIX dbpedia-owl: <>
    ?p a dbpedia-owl:Artist.
    ?p dbpedia-owl:birthPlace ?c.
    ?c <> "York"@en.

And here is the same query in JSON:

  "type": "query",
  "prefixes": {
    "dbpedia-owl": ""
  "queryType": "SELECT",
  "variables": [ "?p", "?c" ],
  "where": [
      "type": "bgp",
      "triples": [
          "subject": "?p",
          "predicate": "",
          "object": ""
          "subject": "?p",
          "predicate": "",
          "object": "?c"
          "subject": "?c",
          "predicate": "",
          "object": "\"York\"@en"

The representation of triples is the same as in N3.js 0.x, but will switch to RDF/JS representation in the future.


$ [sudo] npm [-g] install sparqljs

License, status and contributions

The SPARQL.js library is copyrighted by Ruben Verborgh and released under the MIT License.

Contributions are welcome, and bug reports or pull requests are always helpful.


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