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QA Tools for Odoo maintainers (MQT)

The goal of Maintainer Quality Tools (MQT) is to provide helpers to ensure the quality of Odoo addons.

Sample travis configuration file (for version 7.0)

In order to setup TravisCI continuous integration for your project, just copy the content of the /sample_files to your project’s root directory.

If your project depends on other OCA or other Github repositories, create a file called oca_dependencies.txt at the root of your project and list the dependencies there. One per line like so:

project_name optional_repository_url optional_branch_name

During testbed setup, MQT will automatically download and place these repositories accordingly into the addon path. Note on addons path ordering: They will be placed after your own repo, but before the odoo core repo.

Check your .travis file for syntax issues.

You can test your .travis file in this linter. This is very useful when you are improving your file.

Module unit tests

MQT is also capable to test each module individually. The intention is to check if all dependencies are correctly defined. Activate it through the UNIT_TEST directive. An additional line should be added to the env: section, similar to this one:


Coveralls/Codecov configuration file

Coveralls and Codecov services provide information on the test coverage of your modules. Currently both configurations are automatic (check default configuration here). So, as of today, you don't need to include a .coveragerc into the repository, If you do it, it will be simply ignored.

NOTE: the current configuration automatically ignores *_example modules from coverage check. See maintainer-tools CONTRIBUTING doc for further info on tests.

Names used for the test databases

MQT has a nice feature of organizing your testing databases. You might want to do that if you want to double them up as staging DBs or if you want to work with an advanced set of templates in order to speed up your CI pipeline. Just specify at will: MQT_TEMPLATE_DB='mqt_odoo_template' MQT_TEST_DB='mqt_odoo_test'. Give us feedback on you experiences, and if you could share findings from your use case, there might be some grateful people arround.

Isolated pylint+flake8 checks

If you want to make a build exclusive for these checks, you can add a line on the env: section of the .travis.yml file with this content:


You will get a faster answer about these questions and also a fast view over semaphore icons in Travis build view.

To avoid making again these checks on other builds, you have to add LINT_CHECK="0" variable on the line:

- VERSION="7.0" ODOO_REPO="odoo/odoo" LINT_CHECK="0"

Disable test

If you want to make a build without tests, you can use the following directive: TEST_ENABLE="0"

You will simply get the databases with packages installed, but whithout running any tests.

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